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Wendy Williams Denies NEW Pregnant Mistress Rumors + Takes Legal Action Against Blogger!


The rumor mill has been running rampant on all things Wendy Williams and the Hot Topics host is finally clapping a surprisingly subdued fashion. 👀 Earlier this week, a slew of online outlets including LoveBScott reported that Williams' show was in jeopardy due to her alleged"self medicating" behind the scenes and the publication even reported that her husband's long time rumored mistress has now gotten pregnant by Wendy's Husband, Kevin Hunter Sr. Following the claim, Wendy's lawyer hit the website with a cease and desist letter the day after Christmas demanding a retraction regarding both rumors.

In part, the letter states:

“Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your “sources”, even if not specifically enumerated herein.” 

B. Scott, the publication's creator, responded by writing:

"Whatever’s going on, we hope that Wendy’s getting the medical attention she needs. We also find it super hypocritical that a woman who frequently uses our exclusive tea about others as ‘hot topics’ for her show wants to send cease and desist letters when the tea is about her."
How you doin’, Wendy?

Oop! Thoughts?! 🤔


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