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YAASS!: "Arthur" Character Mr. Ratburn Comes Out As Gay In Show's Season 22 Premiere!

Everyone's favorite children's show, Arthur has made a major stride this week after revealing that one of the series' beloved characters, Mr. Ratburn is gay.

Please excuse me as my queer childhood self screams with glee!

Yes, in the show's 22nd season premiere we see Arthur's school teacher go through the ups and downs of planning his wedding. The episode builds as there is no clear introduction as to whom Ratburn is set to wed, but towards the end it becomes all too clear when he walks down the isle with his partner and ties the knot.

As expected, there were some conservatives who took slight issue with this revelation but it doesn't quite seem to match the level of support and happiness many expressed on social media to see the cake-loving character finally find love.

Also let's not forget, they're A.) Rats and B.) Cartoons. However, either way you slice it, this moment is sure to set a glorious precedent for more acceptance, inclusion, and representation of LGBTQ+ community.



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