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Yikes: Mary J. Blige’s Step Daughter Pens Painful Letter To Kendu Isaacs


Mary J. Blige‘s former stepdaughter has penned an open letter to Kendu Isaacs (Mary’s ex-husband) urging him to see what she says are the dangerous error of his ways.

Briana Latrise‘s thoughts and feelings below…

Mary ended her marriage after learning that Isaacs had been cheating on her with her friend and protege’ and, according to legal documents, even went as far as to use Mary’s money to fund his lover’s lifestyle and career.

Now, Briana has used Instagram to pen a letter to Kendu urging him to stay away from her because “dealing with you in any capacity leaves me broken.”


She has since deleted the heartfelt post. Isaacs is yet to respond to his daughter.


Your thoughts?

(Via ThatGrapeJuice)


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