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Just when you thought racist white women were tired of being exposed here comes yet...


That's right, in the latest epidemic of black people to minding their own business...a new viral video has emerged of a white woman calling the police on a black couple as they waited for their to-go order at a restaurant. What was the emergency specified in the call, you ask? ....She didn't like the way they parked their car!


OH SNAAAPPPP!!!! Batten down the hatches & alert the press, sh*t just got REAL!! THEY PARKED THE CAR WRONG!!!! (implicit sarcastic tone)


According to News Week, Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan were waiting for their to-go order from Little Big Burger in Portland, Oregon, when they noticed a white woman standing across the street looking at their parked car.

"She looked odd, but it didn't alarm us," Muhammad told The Portland Mercury news.

As they were walking back to the car with their to-go bags, Muhammad reportedly overheard the woman on the phone describing their vehicle and reading off the license plate number. Muhammed told the publication that she was calling the police.

"I tried to start a conversation, I asked her who she was calling and what was going on," Muhammad said. "It was clear she was talking to the police."
Khan began to record the incident on her cell phone and posted the video to Facebook on Monday. In the video, the Khan can be heard saying that the unidentified white woman was calling the police on her and her husband.
“This is another white person calling the police on a black person because she said we are illegally parked right here,” Khan said in the video.
The unidentified white woman, who Khan has dubbed “Crosswalk Cathy,” can be heard telling Khan and Muhammad that she has been by the car for over 10 minutes and their car should not be blocking the crosswalk.
"You can't block the crosswalk," the white woman said in the video. "Look at this. You are!" the woman can be heard saying.

The video has since garnered over 102,000 views and 2,000 shares on Facebook.

Muhammad told Newsweek that the incident occurred on Sunday but he and his wife were unsure about whether they should actually post the video. However on Monday, the following day, Muhammad saw an unmarked police car outside of his home but when he approached the car, the vehicle drove away.

It was at that moment when Muhammad decided "we needed to bring awareness to this," he told Newsweek. "Life is already difficult enough and when a certain person in a community feels the need to help to police, it becomes a bigger issue."



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