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Former VP Joe Biden Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign Run!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has officially announced that he would be running for the democratic nomination in the upcoming 2020 Presidential campaign!!

Yes, Obama's right hand man is attempting to take on the big seat at the oval office and if elected as the democratic nominee, will go up against the nightmare in orange himself, Donald Trump. While there is no questioning his political experience, likability and leadership skills, it seems that opposition against Biden might already steadily building.

In his new campaign video, Biden takes a firm stand against Trump and declares the current sitting president as a threat to the nation and it didn't stop there. Biden continued by claiming our "democracy is at stake" and essentially claiming the 2020 election as a national emergency.

We couldn't agree more but of course there was someone who wasn't too pleased about the announcement. Donald "Twitter fingers" trump hopped onto social media to voice his (unnecessary) opinions as always and it was...well exactly what you would expect from Trump.

According to the New York Times, 45 did not directly address Mr. Biden’s video, responding instead with personal taunts, calling Mr. Biden “Sleepy Joe” on Twitter and “not the brightest light bulb” on Fox News.

Aside from Trump's childish comments, there's also the issue of recent allegations about Joe being a little too friendly with his female cohorts.

Biden has of course since publicly apologized and while there's no comparing inappropriate physical behaviors, (because it's all bad) at least he not out here grabbing women by the you-know-what's.

So what do you think?

Does Biden have a chance to take it all the way?


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