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Here's How Celebs Are Handling The Corona Quarantine

With the global spread of covid-19, and everyone hunkered down in their homes to combat the virus, things can get well...boring.

If you're anything like me, even in the midst of total pandemic, you may find yourself wondering, "what is Beyonce doing?" Well, even though Queen Bey has been absent from social media in recent weeks, virtually EVERY other celebrity has! That's right, celebs have turned to social media to express their, fears, anxiety, boredom and thoughts on these unprecedented times.

Check out our coverage on the Quarantine and how its impacting your favs and the entertainment industry.

John Legend #TogetherAtHome Concert (FULL)

UPDATE: Stars & public figures continue to show their innovation

DJ Nice hosted a party on his IG live from home playing a set FULL of bops!


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