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Here's Exactly What Dionne Warwick Said About Beyonce That Has People Upset!

I--you know we actually refuse to participate in any Beyonce blasphemy.

So you'll just have to hit the details after the jump from the good folks at FoxNews. com:

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick said in an interview that Beyoncé is not yet an icon and she doubts the "Halo" singer will ever reach that status.

When asked if today’s generation of singers have what it takes to achieve the level of success such as “classic” artists like herself, Warwick, who began her career in the 1960s, expressed doubt.

“Not yet,” Warwick said during an interview with Essence. “I don’t know if 10 years from now, anybody can actually sing the songs of our babies today. That’s not, as you guys say, ‘throwing shade,’ it’s looking at it with reality.”

Warwick was also asked specifically about her thoughts on whether or not she considered Beyoncé an icon.

“I have an admiration for Beyoncé Knowles, Carter now. Watching her growth has been quite refreshing. It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is… very proud of that, I really am,” the 78-year-old performer said.

“Now sustaining and becoming a big icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, or Johnny Mathis, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that.”

She continued, “ I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status that I just mentioned, those four names? [She has] a long road [ahead].”

Warwick, who is the cousin of the late singer Whitney Houston, has won five Grammy awards and earned two number 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Following her remarks in this interview, Warwick , of course felt countless stings from millions of beyhive members. This led to Dionne taking to social media to her clarify statement.


Was it too late to make amends or do you see

where Dionne was coming from?


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