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Jason Mitchell FIRED From ‘The Chi,’ After “Misconduct” Claims From Co-star!

Looks like the hit tv show, The Chi is facing a major shake up !

That's right the showtime series, helmed and created by Emmy award winning writer Lena Waithe, made it's debut last year in 2018 and became an instant homerun for the cast and crew. Many praised the show for it's raw, gritty, and realistic portrayal of Chicago, IL and it's timely view on socioeconomic issues that face the infamous city today,

This love and support seemed to be endless and was largely showered upon the cast of young black actors who brought the series to life. But it appears that things weren't all love behind the scenes, especially with the show's main star Jason Mitchell, who was recently fired after repeated allegations of "misconduct."

According to Thatgrapejuice:

“Tiffany Boone, who played Mitchell’s girlfriend, was among several actresses on the drama who had issues with the actor.
She made repeated complaints of sexual harassment and allegedly felt so unsafe with her co-star that at times her fiance, Dear White People actor Marque Richardson, came to set when she shot scenes with him. Boone declined to comment.
Boone is said to ultimately informed producers at Fox 21 that she could no longer work with Mitchell. Initially, he was retained while she was released at her request to pursue other projects. Other actresses on the series also were said to have had problems with Mitchell. It’s unclear what finally led the studio to act.



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