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Lizzo Is Out For Blood After 'Bigoted' Festival Security Assaulted Members of Her Team!

Lizzo said she is "out for blood."

Following her Thursday night performance at Milwaukee's Summerfest, the 31-year-old singer took to Twitter claiming members of her team were assaulted by a "bigoted" security guard at the event. Lizzo said she intended to file a complaint, and hoped the festival organizers would cooperate in the investigation.

Shortly after Lizzo’s posts, Summerfest organizers released a statement, insisting they “do not tolerate racism in any form and reassured the singer they would conduct a “thorough investigation.”

Lizzo’s stylist Marko Monroe shared his account of the alleged assault in a series of Instagram stories. According to a transcript by The Current, Monroe claims he was in the stage’s pit taking photos of Lizzo during her performance when a guard began “manhandling” him.

“He then grabs my arm and puts it behind my back. I’m like, ‘I work here, look at my badge,’ and he was not listening and he escorted me off the stage,” said Monroe, who claimed he was eventually placed in a holding cell. “[…] Then finally [the tour manager] came through, and then the thing that really pissed me off is that the guy who manhandled me wanted me to apologize before I could be let out of jail. Now, if that does not scream homophobia one-thousand percent, then I just don’t know what does.”


(Source: Complex)


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