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Shade Wars: Eva Marcille Calls Out Winnie Harlow For ANTM Diss + Winnie Responds! (WATCH)


Looks like things are heating up in the ANTM family!!

Listen, we all know and love the reality competition show 'America's Next Top Model' (at least in it's beginning seasons). The long-running series has given us classic tv moments from model makeover meltdowns, to fierce life lessons, and meme-worthy content that'll last a lifetime.

like this emotional contestant

or this inspirational quote to live by

The always fabulous (and expressive) Miss Jay

And who can forget this ICONIC moment?!

Yes, ANTM is essentially the gift that keeps on giving and for that we will forever be grateful but one contestant's gratitude was called into question after making some seemingly shady comments about her post-top model career. Model Winnie Harlow expressed her professional challenges in modeling world after appearing on the show in 2014.

In an interview with Andy Cohen on 'What What Happens Live,' Harlow said "that [show] really didn't do anything for my career, which it doesn't really do anything for any model's career...realistically"

While some understood what the model meant, many took it as a razor sharp dig at the franchise and it's creator Tyra Banks and one person was not having that was fellow ANTM alumni and season 3 winner Eva Marcille. Marcille who appeared on WWHL weeks later addressed Winnie's comments, deeming them "whack" and further prodded at Harlow by saying " Drake and Wiz Khalifa" (who have both been romantically linked to Winnie) know her because of ANTM.

Following Eva's comments, Winnie took to social media to clarify her statements:



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