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[Trailer]: Will Smith Portrays 23 Year Old Self In NEW Action Thriller Gemini Man!

Will Smith may have started as rapper but over time has truly mastered the realm of TV/Film and soon we will see him take on his most impressive acting challenge to date....playing a man half his age.

Yes, in the new film Gemini Man, Smith portrays a bad ass who is determined to defeat his strongest enemy who somehow knows his every move. How is that? because as it turns out, that enemy is just a younger version of himself. That's right, and because black don't crack, 50 year old Will Smith will be taking on both roles!

Check out the FULL trailer below to really understand the premise of the film because our brains hurt over trying to process all of this awesomeness:

YAAASSSS for the hightop fade!!!

So essentially it's Will Smith vs. The Fresh prince of Bel Air. We are ALL the way IN!

Gemini Man hits theaters October 11th. Will you be coping a ticket?


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