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Comidienne Rae Sanni Talks Being A Broke Stripper In Stand Up Clip

Known for her work on Rel and The President Show, Rae Sanni is an accomplished writer, actress, and comedian who is surely set to be a household name anytime now. That's right, back in 2017, Sanni appeared in Comedy Central's Colossal Clusterfest and since her electric performance we have been OBSESSED with this fiercely funny lady!

In her set, Rae talks dating/past experience as a stripper and everything in between!

Through impressive resume of work and undeniable talent Rae has already amassed a strong support base of fans and it is constantly growing. I guess what we're saying is keep your eye out on this one because, well how could you not!?

Now excuse us while we go binge some more of her material and get our laugh on!

Follow Rae Sanni on social media @RaeSanni on twitter to check out all the amazing things she's up to and where she'll be performing next!


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