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[WATCH]: Tyra Banks Drops 'Be A Star 2' Music Video And It Is EVERYTHING!!

As the premiere of the long awaited 'Life Size 2' nears closer and closer, Banks and co. debut a little something special to wet the growing appetite of fans everywhere!

That's right, as you might you know, Tyra Banks is rebooting her beloved character Eve with a sequel to the hit Disney channel original movie Life Size. Banks, who serves as the film's star and executive producer, is now revving up fans with an EPIC remix of the movie's catchy theme song that viewers originally fell in love with almost twenty years ago!

Take a listen below:

Lindsay Lohan has left the chat. and Nicki Minaj is quaking!

How do you make a song about owning your confidence and celebrating sef-acceptance EVEN better? by adding positive messages of inclusivity, social awareness, and Tyra Banks channeling the spirit of Cardi B while making it RAIN!!

'Be A Star 2' is a highkey bop and if you think otherwise...


Life Size 2 premieres Sunday, Dec. 2nd on Freeform. WIll you be watching?


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